How The NSA And U S. Cyber Command Hacked ISIS’s Media Operation : NPR

And trust me, I know “social engineering” people who do it all the time on weak reformats. With regards to using magnets to erase your files.

When you boot into most linux distros you’ll have the option to try the distro or install it. Since there are no files on it, there is nothing to encrypt. Software obsolescence is a good argument for hanging on to an older computer with an older version of the OS to be able to run older programs to be able to access data otherwise inaccessible by a newer machine.

Top 8 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

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Overwriting/Secure Erase

When you perform a format and install of a new OS, it performs a quick format. That only clears the file index, and ll of the data stays intact on the free space of the drive. A full format or free space wipe is necessary to remove all of the data from the drive. If you do a full format, the data will be, for all practical purposes, unrecoverable, except for an expensive recovery service. If you do a quick format, the data can be recovered by anyone with a data recovery program such as the free Recuva. As an alternative to the drill press – In the past I have put all my old hard drives in the fireplace. Thy melt into a small puddle and later solidify into a nice round metal blob you can just toss.

DBAN will automatically find and wipe all internal and attached drives on your computer. Hello ok I didn’t see this question I apologize if it was there. I need to deep clean my lenovo y430 laptop it came with vista installed is there anyway I can do this and keep vista on there? I am not giving it away or getting rid of it so it doesn’t have to be wiped yet but alot of programs on it and its slower than molasses. Not sure what you’re looking for – the question is very vague. Don’t know if you have anything published about flash drives security. I work with very sensitive info and I’m always afraid that if I lose any of my pen drives, falls in competition hands and they find my password… I’m doomed….

Data Destruction is Essential for Healthcare During COVID-19

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