Roof Cleaning by Roof Type

Roofs are constructed of different materials, and when it comes to cleaning them the cleaning instructions and solution will differ for each one.

Asphalt shingles

Whatever the location of the home is situated regardless of the location, asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material. The shingles are famous for their granular and sand-like finish. It is the kind of finish designed to wear away gradually. Because of the layered, fragile structure of the shingles it is essential that when cleaning them you clean them gently so that you don’t destroy the protective layer. If you scrub them too vigorously, it can reduce the longevity that your roofing will last. If you’re making use of a pressure wash it is recommended to use a gentle pressure washer that is not more than 30 psi. This is equivalent to the sprayer on a garden hose. It is not recommended to use the mixture of water trisodium phosphate (TSP) as well as bleach, even if it is available on the web. There are numerous dangers with this method. The bleach is able to eliminate the algae’s surface and mold. If it is allowed to grow back, and it can harm any plant that is underneath the roof as it evaporates and can cause corrosion to the metal fasteners Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning.

Ceramic tiles

This kind of roof is extremely common in regions of subtropical or Southwest regions, as well as on Spanish-style homes. The roofing material is able to withstand more pressure washing. It can do this without sustaining corrosion or wear. A crucial point to remember is that when you use the pressure washer, you have to be careful with the pressure because when you apply tension to the incorrect spot on your roof, it may damage the tile. In the event of this happening, you may need replacing tile roofs made from ceramic. To prevent this from happening the best option is to ensure to use a gentle wash. Roof cleaning for ceramic tiles must be carried out using a special formula made to combat algae, mold and fungi growth as well as lifting staining.

Clay tiles

They look like ceramic tiles and are very popular for their appearance in Southern as well as Southwest states, particularly California. They are created using a technique that blends clay and sand to create the tiles. This kind of roof is extremely efficient in insulating. They can help reduce homeowner’s cooling expenses. The main difference between clay and ceramic tiles is that the manufacturing methods create clay tiles that are more porous. They are therefore more susceptible to wear, even with low-pressure washing. It is recommended to clean them with an outdoor sprayer. A roof made of clay that is well maintained will have the protection of a sealant to stop the growth of many bacteria. However, you will need to clean your roof with water that has been mixed with dishwashing liquid and plain water. If you’d like to use a cleaner, cleaning products that are specifically designed for clay tiles, you can apply to the tiles made of clay.