Step by step instructions to Make Your Own Curtain Rods

In the event that you have a limited spending plan or you simply need something somewhat out of control and ‘fresh’, why not make your own drape poles?

Your main cutoff is your creative mind with respect to what kinds of materials you can use to make your custom poles. So, it’s better to have galvanising paint spray which is solution for all.

The following are a couple of thoughts to kick you off:

Bamboo – Go down to your neighborhood garden focus and purchase a piece of bamboo the width of your window outline. Screw a few sections or guides into spot and balance the bamboo from the snares as you would some other drapery bar.

The thicker bamboo would presumably work better compared to the slender stuff, so recollect the bamboo needs to hold the heaviness of your drape texture.

A Tree Branch – Have a meander around your nearest timberland or forest region, you’ll require something the length of your window outline, so it could be very large. Trim off every one of the twigs and optional branches, and afterward treat it with some shower paint. Tie on certain draperies and you have a really rural drapery pole.

Athletic equipment – There are various thoughts around here, golf clubs, casting poles, hockey sticks, ski shafts or even a pool signal. This is smart on the off chance that you are a donning family, simply utilize a portion of your old stuff and you have yourself a genuine idea.

Old Gardening Tools – Use an old rake or digging tool similarly as the athletic equipment. However, ensure it’s perfect first!

Your Local Hardware Store – Have a thoroughly search in the electrical division, you can find things like electrical conductor or even excited pipes. Your nearby store is an extraordinary spot to track down motivation.

You can utilize fundamentally use whatever is sufficiently long to arrive at across your window outline. Natively constructed shade bars are typically best joined with tie on drapes or huge drapery rings so you can flaunt your imaginative abilities!