What Is Shopify? A Complete Guide to Features and Benefits 2023

This is an advantage for small businesses with less money, time, and no warehouse space. Check out your products to understand what the customer sees when shopping from the store. You can click on the Add To Cart or Buy It Now button to proceed into the shopping cart area. Drag section up and down to reorder them and use the section settings to add your own content and make the store look professional in every way. Each theme comes with default sections, in this case, options like Header, Sidebar, and Slideshow sections.

Step 10. Customize Your Site’s Functionality with Shopify Apps

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This brings up the current version of your website at the URL you have specified. That may end up being your temporary Shopify URL or a domain you created. You can link Apps, create discounts, and manage your orders, all from the same dashboard. It took no more than a minute for me to insert a relevant image in the slider, change the overlay opacity, type in some overlaying text, and include a button to my shop.

With Shopify, you can sell your products online just like on any other ecommerce marketplace, but without content limitations or hefty fees. As more and more people start selling products and services online, it becomes increasingly important to differentiate your offerings from the rest. What sets your store apart from all the others on Shopify?

Anyone who has ever paid for a server knows they crash at the wrong times, making you lose a lot of money due to downtime. If you want more pages on your site, click on “Online Store” and choose “Pages”. Here, you can add more pages and edit them just as you did with your home page. General branding photos and videos are also useful for rounding out your home page design and blog posts. You can find royalty-free photos and video clips on Pexels and in the Pro version of Canva.

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Collection pages can even self-populate using tags or other product details as you add products to your Shopify store. And these resources will help you get started and get your first sales even quicker. When you click next, Shopify will ask you for your address. Once you’re done click enter my store and just like that, you’re all signed up for Shopify. The screen that you see after you click enter, my store is something I’ll refer to as your Shopify admin or your dashboard.

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But ultimately, you want to pick the one that’s best for your niche. When building a Shopify store, what you’re really building is a business, not a passive income stream. And you can even watch a real-time view of your website visitors to see what stage of the sales funnel they’re in. Shopify is cloud-based software, meaning you can access it from any internet-enabled device.